Refund/Cancellation Policy

Last Updated August 3, 2018

You may cancel your domain lease for any reason or no reason at any time. Canceling your domain lease agreement is a 2 step process.

1. Cancel the Lease Agreement
  • Log in to RealEstateExpert.domains and go to the Bidder Dashboard. Find the domain you wish to cancel located under the “Bids Won” or “Lease Now” tabs. Select “Cancel My Lease”. Your lease agreement will be immediately terminated.
2. Terminate the monthly recurring auto-payments
  • Log in to your account at Epik.com, the Domain Registrar Service Provider. Locate your leased domain under “My Domains”, click the “Terminate” button and confirm. The domain will be immediately removed from your account by the Domain Registrar Service Provider and returned to the owner’s account. All future recurring payments will be immediately terminated.

Other than as described herein, there are no refunds for any payments made prior to the effective date of cancellation, including but not limited to previous monthly lease payments; registration fees or charges; partially used periods; and bank/merchant fees.